enlarged revell uss yorktown cv5.jpg image enlarged revell uss yorktown cv5.jpg image enlarged revell uss yorktown cv5.jpg image t_P1040359.jpg t_P1040360.jpg t_P1040361.jpg t_P1040362.jpg t_P1040363.jpg t_P1040364.jpg t_P1040365.jpg t_P1040366.jpg t_P1040367.jpg t_P1040368.jpg t_P1040369.jpg t_P1040370.jpg t_P1040371.jpg t_P1040372.jpg t_P1040373.jpg t_P1040374.jpg t_P1040375.jpg t_P1040376.jpg t_P1040377.jpg t_P1040378.jpg t_P1040379.jpg t_P1040380.jpg t_P1040381.jpg t_P1040382.jpg t_P1040383.jpg t_P1040384.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050318.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050319.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050320.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050322.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050324.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050325.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050326.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050327.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050328.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050329.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050330.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050331.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050332.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050333.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050334.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050335.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050336.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050338.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050340.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050341.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050342.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050343.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050344.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050346.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050347.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050348.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050350.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050353.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050354.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050355.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050356.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050362.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050364.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050365.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050368.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050369.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050370.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050371.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050375.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050376.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050377.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050384.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050393.jpg t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050397.jpg t_Uss_Yorktown_At_Speed.jpg t_yorktown_P1050052.jpg t_yorktown_P1050053.jpg t_yorktown_P1050055.jpg t_yorktown_P1050057.jpg t_yorktown_P1050067.jpg t_yorktown_P1050069.jpg t_yorktown_P1050074.jpg t_yorktown_P1050075.jpg t_yorktown_P1050076.jpg t_yorktown_P1050077.jpg t_yorktown_P1050079.jpg t_yorktown_P1050081.jpg Uss_Yorktown_At_Speed.jpg

USS Yorktown, Revell's 1/485 scale model of CV-5

Original pre build review:
This is the Revell 1:485 scale Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown CV5.

It's one of three kits I'm thinking of building next, the other 2 are the
Nichimo Myoko and the
Revell USS Helena.

Of the three, this kit seems to fall in the middle in terms of detail and overall quality. For a Revell kit of its era it looks to be one of the nicer ones. Having not built it, I can't speak to how well the parts fit together but the detailing looks pretty good especially when compared to the third kit I'm reviewing: the Revell USS Helena.

There's a Revell Yorktown, Hornet, and Enterprise (1/480) photo etch set by Gold Medal Models available for this kit and I could have sworn I bought it but I can't seem to locate it... If I find it I'll update this review.

Post build update:
I ended up building this kit first and I'm pretty happy with it. Of course it's not 100% done - they never are...

It was a fast build, about 30 hrs. I regrettably didn't get the PE set mentioned, it's over $50 delivered and I wasn't sure the end result would be worth it. Instead I used bits and pieces of PE: doors, stairs, rails, ladders, etc., left over from previous projects. I didn't do much modding either, mostly carving off short stubby walls where railings should be. Speaking of rails... I didn't have enough PE rails to do the whole ship so I also used plastic rails left over from my Lee Graf Spee. I used them along the flight deck and I do appreciate their ability to get slightly manhandled without crumpling! (Not as nice as PE rails though, maybe someday...)

I didn't do much scratch building, just simple structures made from PE trees: two angled flight deck supports and a boat platform at the stern, some walls and catwalks under the deck at the bow, a few structural supports on the island and additional platforms and supports under the island & flight deck on the starboard side. I did add cross kit scavengings: extra searchlights from a trashed Revell Bismarck, the model's stands and some small boats from a previously ravaged Revell Missouri kit, and a couple of launches left over from my Kirishima build. But my single favorite scavenge/mod was swapping out Yorktown's 5 inch guns with deck guns from a partial Revell Arizona kit. They may or may not be accurate but they sure do look better than the ones that came with this model.

Finding more than one good photo of CV5 in any single configuration proved to be challenging (and forget about a full color exposť!) so it's difficult to nail down all the variable configurations with the varying paint schemes. If I'm lucky this is more or less CV5 at some point in 1941.

Part fit was mostly good for a kit of this era but be carefull putting the deck on! Mine slants slightly to port at the stern, a little plastic guide nub meant to be next to a wall is probably on top of it, wish I had noticed this before the glue set... Other then that, I did do a ton of flash shaving but no dimple filling -yay! The only dimpled pieces my kit had were on 3 or 4 of the planes - and they ended up in the hanger :)

While building I noted a few quirks - the kit has been reissued several times, at least once with the tagline: "Can be built as: Yorktown, Enterprise or Hornet" (though this incarnation wasn't). It still came with two name plates: USS Yorktown & USS Hornet. To me Yorktown & Enterprise would have been better choices, the included bridge resembles those two ships more than Hornet's. Also the yards jutting to port and starboard from the lower platform of the bridge's tripod mast seem configured as on Wasp. The kit comes with 4 quad AA mounts but the instructions only use 2 (Yorktown's original configuration). The instructions never mention build variations needed to create anything other then Yorktown in this one, some-what inaccurate, state. They put the range finder up in the tripod mast and that's where I initially put it, but I couldn't find one pic that had it there. If a pic of Yorktown showed it at all, it was in front of the forward gun director above the bridge. The last quirk I'll mention is the mast atop the tripod, it has a platform near its top with no horizontal yard. I haven't seen one picture with that platform and almost all pics show a yard...
To be fair though, most issues with this kit are nit-picky and relatively easy to correct.

If I could build her over again, I'd put walls behind the deck gun platforms to prevent seeing through the ship in those areas when viewed in profile. Another minor regret is not having any machineguns to put along the deck - I may acquire some and fix this later. Finally the plastic rails, while better than the molded on walls, I now think were a mistake - I should have bought the PE set, or at least more PE railings.

All in all this was a fun old kit to build and considering the cost, well worth the time, and effort.

P.S. - Just checked eBay and saw two of these kits available, both "By it Now". One new for $19.00 + $9.00 shipping, the other open & started "As is" for $19.00 delivered.

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Finished Revell Yorktown kit (98% anyway...):

Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050318.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050319.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050320.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050322.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050324.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050325.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050327.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050329.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050330.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050331.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050332.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050333.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050334.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050335.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050336.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050397.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050340.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050341.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050342.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050343.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050344.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050346.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050347.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050348.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050350.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050353.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050354.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050355.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050356.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050362.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050364.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050365.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050368.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050369.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050370.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050371.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050375.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050376.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050377.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050384.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050393.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050338.jpg image

Model Art:
Click for enlarged t_Uss_Yorktown_At_Speed.jpg image Click for enlarged t_revell_uss_yorktown_cv5_P1050326.jpg image

Revell Yorktown kit at about 75%-85% complete:
Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050052.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050053.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050055.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050057.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050067.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050069.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050074.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050075.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050076.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050077.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050079.jpg image Click for enlarged t_yorktown_P1050081.jpg image

Unboxing the Revell Yorktown kit:
Click for enlarged t_P1040359.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040360.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040361.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040362.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040363.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040364.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040365.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040366.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040367.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040368.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040369.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040370.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040371.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040372.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040373.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040374.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040375.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040376.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040377.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040378.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040379.jpg image

Revell Yorktown instruction sheets:

Click for enlarged t_P1040380.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040381.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040382.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040383.jpg image Click for enlarged t_P1040384.jpg image

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